Cooktop cabinetry with steel clad cabinet backspash.
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Winner of the Cabinet Makers Association’s 2014 Wood Diamond Award for the kitchen
and the 2015 Wood Diamond Award for the library.

At our initial client meeting, we were asked to bring some samples of reclaimed wood, and I chose some wormy chestnut and the mahogany you see in the images below.

While the mahogany was not necessarily reclaimed, it did have a great story. This material was originally harvested by the U.S. Military for the construction of PT boat hulls during WWII. After the war, the left-over material was auctioned off over the years, and we were fortunate enough to purchase the last of it.

In addition to the mahogany, we used walnut in the master bath, library and laundry. The other bath vanities were sprayed with custom color lacquers.

We used minimal hardware; a combination of push-to-open devices or finger pulls were used throughout the house. The only exceptions were on very large doors and the refrigerator. In those areas, we commissioned custom steel pulls that were chemically blackened and then sealed.

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