Family legacy

Who knew this would turn into a lifelong passion?

Who knew this would turn into a lifelong passion?

When working in my studio, I often think about how much I enjoy what I do and how lucky I am to make a living doing work that I love.

Woodworking has been a lifelong passion of mine, stretching all the way back to childhood, when I would spend hours with my grandfather in his workshop. For a 5-year-old, filing a piece of scrap wood into a pile of sawdust was pretty exciting.

I think of woodworking as being in my DNA. My great-grandfather was a German woodworker who immigrated to the United States late in the 19th century, and I’m amazed at the artistry he created using the tools of his day. His work is truly inspiring and led me to carry on his tradition of craftsmanship. I hope he would be pleased with the pieces his great-grandson creates by combining Old World techniques with New World ideas.

The Dark Horse tradition

Turning a passion into a profession is extremely satisfying.

I built commissioned pieces for nearly 25 years, moonlighting while working day jobs in the technology and construction management industries.

Then nearly a decade ago, I decided it was time for a change and turned my wood-working side line into a full-time endeavor.

Dark Horse Woodworks opened in 2007 in the Metropolitan Business and Arts District, a historic warehouse complex that has been transformed into a thriving center for art studios, galleries and workshops.


The Dark Horse Studios team is not limited to any particular design genre. We move easily between different styles and periods, as you’ll note when browsing through our gallery.

While we occasionally create individual pieces of furniture, most of our work now involves large-scale cabinetry and other projects for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, libraries and beyond.

A custom design is a collaboration between you and the Dark Horse design-craft team. We’d be excited to talk with you about your project and look at the ways we could work together to bring your ideas to life.

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The Dark Horse team values working with clients who appreciate the distinction of custom, finely crafted cabinetry and furniture, and we find the design process as satisfying as the building process.

We enjoy meeting and getting to know our clients, finding out what they believe is important, and incorporating their sense of style into a unique project.

Our collaborations with innovative design and architecture firms have led to awards as well as coverage in national publications such as Dwell magazine and The New York Times.

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