Wildwood is a milestone for Dark Horse: our first big project to take full advantage of the Zero Edge technology we brought on board last year.

As we explained on the Dark Horse blog in October, Zero Edge technology produces cabinetry and furniture components with seamless edges.

There has been an increasing demand for high-gloss cabinetry, which presents a unique challenge: with gloss acrylic, you can’t have a glue line. To create these cabinets, you have to have a Zero Edge machine that can melt the back of the applied banding and trim it off so your creation appears to have always been a single component.

It’s always a challenge to add edge-banding to panels without a noticeable seam that is prone to fail eventually; Zero-Edge banding allows this and is more heat- and moisture-resistant than typical edge treatments.

A new frontier

Our Wildwood clients came to us because they loved our work on the Friar Tuck project a few years back. As always, we’re gratified when our work leads to other assignments.

The Wildwood kitchen’s crystal back-painted glass panels from manufacturer REHAU are distinctly modern, and the pale gray color is all the rage for kitchens now.

The REHAU panels have a thick acrylic coating with lacquer on top; they are not as forgiving as a piece of wood but are incredibly durable. (Though gray is especially popular, these panels come in a variety of colors, including orange!)

In addition to the Zero Edge technology involved, the Wildwood project also features a walnut island; push-to-open hardware and integrated appliances from Miele and Wolf/Sub Zero.

Dark Horse also created the floating walnut entertainment center just off the kitchen.

Branching out

Prior to the Wildwood project, we used our Zero Edge technology for some smaller projects, such as bathroom vanities and closets, and as the only residential shop in the surrounding area with this capability, we expect to do quite a bit of Zero Edge work going forward.
It was exciting to step back at the end of the Wildwood project and see what this technology investment could create for Dark Horse clients; we look forward to sharing more high-gloss cabinetry projects in the coming months.

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