Wildwood Closet


Wildwood closet and mudroom

Earlier this year, we shared photos of the custom cabinetry we created for the Wildwood kitchen and adjacent living area, and now we’re happy to add Wildwood’s closet/mudroom cabinetry to our gallery.

We’ve done a bit of closet work as part of our large, all-house projects in the past, but this is our first major closet cabinetry project.

As with the work in the Wildwood kitchen, we took advantage of the Zero-Edge technology we brought in last year in order to create a modern, seamless look and feel for our client’s dream closet.

As we’ve explained in earlier posts, it’s always a challenge to add edge-banding to panels without a noticeable seam (and these seams are prone to fail as time goes by). Zero-Edge banding allows us to do this and is more heat- and moisture-resistant than typical edge treatments.

Running with the client’s vision

We began with a sketch from our client that called for plenty of storage with clean lines and a modern look, and then used our expertise to figure out how to go from sketch to reality. We built out the cabinetry for the closet and cabinet-bench for the mudroom in two days and installed it in one day. (This kind of instant gratification never happens with kitchens, so we enjoyed the novelty!)

Taking notes?

If so, here’s the nitty-gritty: We used Premier Eurocase “Roucke” panels with the Durango finish for this project.

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