East Ave


While we exclusively work on projects that skew modern, the degree to which modern elements are incorporated in a home varies from project to project.

This home, which was new construction, was the clients’ third modern home, and as a result, they really knew what they wanted – always a great thing for those of us trying to translate their vision to into reality.

We worked on cabinetry for the kitchen, living room, entryway closet and master bath.

Kitchen innovations

Some clients love the clean lines of cabinetry without hardware, and there are a few ways to achieve this. The East Avenue project made use of metal finger channels for opening drawers and doors.

In essence, you cut a channel into your cabinet box and then line that channel with a long metal insert. This feature enables you to reach over the top of a drawer or door and pull it open – functional yet almost invisible.

We also loved the mix of wood veener and high-gloss acrylic in the kitchen; we used prefinishedShinnoki wood panels (Frozen Walnut finish) and mixed in high-gloss panels from Brillianté (Antracita finish) for the upper cabinets. Wood finishes can add warmth to the spare lines in a modern kitchen.

In a masterful kitchen design, even the tiniest detail catches your eye. In the East Avenue kitchen, the unique knobs on the stove were a favorite finishing touch.

Beyond the kitchen

Another highlight for us? The wall in the kitchen that folds away to reveal a bar; the homeowners chose HAWA system bifold pocket doors for this feature.

This part of the project was a great illustration of a fundamental home-building/renovation truth: Most of the coolest, best-looking elements you see in a home are the result of a sizable investment of time, patience and skill. A member of our team devoted seven days to installing these bifold doors, and we loved the final result.

We’re happy to say that the East Avenue clients loved our work so much that we’re now working on their basement bar.

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