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Winner of the Cabinet Makers Association’s 2016 Wood Diamond Award

The client for this beautiful modern design project first approached us when we were in the middle of moving to our larger location last year, and we just weren’t in a position to take on more work.

A year later, she got back in touch with us, and we were gratified and complimented (to say the least) by the fact that she was willing to wait for us to free up.

For the Balmoral project, we created a sleek kitchen featuring a bar area with suspended cabinetry above it; a kitchen island that incorporates open, lighted wine storage; a hidden pantry; a fireplace wall with display storage that is adjacent to the kitchen; and finally, for a bathroom, a suspended vanity with lighting below.

The Balmoral project involved a few new trends for us. The dark and light contrast — walnut veneer and white lacquer — surprised us when we saw it in the initial drawings, but looked amazing in execution.

A handle-free approach is another trend we’re seeing all the time, including on this project. We used a spring-loaded, “push-to-open” device in place of a traditional handle in many spots; in a few cases where it would be less obvious and made sense, we did use handles.

This was also the first time we’ve used fully integrated appliances; the refrigerator and freezer were separate Thermador Columns units that were bolted together. The end effect in the Balmoral kitchen is that you can’t tell where the refrigerator and freezer are at all, and for many clients, this seamless appearance is ideal.

We’re proud to have been part of this magazine-worthy project and happy that we didn’t miss the opportunity, thanks to our patient client.

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